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Welcome To RecLand Talks

Here we talk about - through video, of course - all things RecLand - the outdoors, hunting, fishing and anything that has to do with owning and selling land. But we don't sell land here...we just talk about it...sometimes. You have to go HERE to see land for sale.

You can interact with us with the comments section on each "vlog" post (yea...vlog is what you call a video blog...we're pretty tech-savvy here!) You might even find something funny on the Random Topics page. Sign up with your email so you can stay up to date with the RecLand brand. Oh, and be sure to watch our intro video HERE to get an idea of what it's all about.

Feel free to comment on the videos. We are pretty quick to reply...unless you're a goober! :)


Land Logs - #032


Signs a Client is Just Trouble


Work & Hunt on Same MO Trip


Let's Go Check a Timber Harvest


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