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About Us

The RecLand Talks Video Blog

RecLand Realty has built its business on a brand that does not revolve around personalities. Heck, if not for the legal requirements, you wouldn't have seen my name in the few places it could be found. For years, all of our marketing and advertising - from websites to radio, TV & billboards - focused on "RecLand - All we do is Land." Well, that hasn't changed...but as our brand has grown, we have decided to provide a look behind the curtains to allow people to see who we are, what we do and what the RecLand brand is about.

There are no celebrity exposes or magic formulas here - just regular folks who love what they do...most days, that is! Well, to be honest, the Duck & Buck Commander folks are real celebrities - and you'll learn a little about their association with RecLand as we go - but the rest of us are just small fish in the ocean.

This "vlog" will provide you with a little insight into the people who make the wheels turn. Some of the information could be informative. You may learn a little something that could help you with your land. Some of the stuff is just how we fill in the hours of the day selling land, hunting, getting ready to hunt, managing property, growing our humble little brand and just making a life.

This is the starting point of RecLand Talks. We don't have an end point planned. Like life, we can try to plan out the route, but it's the day to day course corrections, interruptions and mini adventures that ultimately determine where it goes. Join us and let's see what happens!

- Pat Porter